Saturday, June 26, 2010


Neither was there “Be and Become”
Nor any flesh or skelton;
Nor in body was made Adam,
Yet the Lord of creation;
O I’ave with Thee my filiation
Since then I know my Dear Lord!
The fate has fettered me here
Else, who’ld come in this carapace;
What was written in my scroll
That has led me to this place
Now without Lord of love
This body and soul, find not the solace;
So grant O Heavenly Grace
That meet her parents, this poor prisoner.
On cloak’re patches knit
And shawl is torn to shreds
Prents shall send me clothes
O I’ld not at spin-wheel sit;
Now in what he did he me fit
O preserve sanctity of the vesture.
She mends and mends skirt
But her love won’t vulgarize, may
The shawl is rent at edges
Ad it but stitching she would say;
“O lest some one against me lay,
shamed I mays of my country.”
Equal to gold ae the rags
What did HE deck me in;
Offer not unto me O lmp!
Your suits of silk and satin;
Better is a thread of the Kin,
Of my shawl, I war on shoulders,.
In this shawl were wedded I to him
In clothes these to love of land
Equal to your golden threads
HE bund on my writst cotton-band;
So hwo upon my body stand
I, silk of thine o Satan!
‘Tis not manner of my breed
to sell love for gold and silver;
So coming to this calaboose
I’ld not commit any unchaste deed;
My love for huts of reed,
O I shall not trade for your palaces.
Standing in prison tower
I raised my face to my homeland;
Looking out fell from my eyes
Tears in torrential shower;
A cry went from the heart
Raising there keen and clamour;
Ah Kith and Kin not ever
Did care for me in their huts.
Had they had cared for me a bit
Slave had not remember’d prison;
But there perhaps O you
I have been forgotten by them.
Be draggling through mire of world
For whom went I;
O they did not care a whit for me
Nor for a moment shall come by
Their curtains cut my heart
Their closetsmake me cry
O it’s in this pain, I shall die
The preson walls else can’t kill me!
Ah me! All beauty I’ave lost
And dirty has become this face;
And I’ave to go to the place
Where’s no going without an elegance.
Ah me! All elegance I’ave lost,
By coming in to this place;
How in this dire disgrace,
Should i go, O how my sisters!
Ah me! My beauty I’ave lost,
So how shall I behold the Belove;
Whome the Shepherd had wedded
How that girl live without Him?
Immaculate as I’ad come here
O were I to go back as same;
As though of red rubies, sayth Latif
On me the rain but came
But for all life this tower
Has now stained my name
I became censurable to Him
Being here, O thus to blame
O my head in this shame,
How would I raise before my parents.
O God! Be not so, that I die
In this dark dismal prison;
The body bound up in chains
Day and night doth weep and cry
O first to homeland go I
Then come to end m days-over here.
Hand-cffs for the hands
Are harnessed of Him, on my heart
O staying at thse strands
I’ad not covenanted for ever.
Chains have undone me here
The loads and drags mercilessly;
Yet I will not of the lmp
The ornaments adorn on my bod
O sisters! Pray all for me
That sanctity of shawl I- preserve.
There’s no curb nor controlling
Nor any levy in the land
Plucking red red roses
Bring in maid, put in Manger-stand
People are priceless of strand
And their homeland, ever-smiling Kingdom
Whispers HE ever in my heart
So how I forget the Spouse;
“HE is not like unto anything”
and I know him not by the Nous;
HE’as built in me within His house
O far from me in nothingness.
They rise early in the morning
That the water in Well is deep;
The drawers get not in day
Who here do lately sleep;
O me but they did sweep
From brink of very Well, these imps.
“Twas their sign, they were foot passengers
with al their assets, trekking;
Ah those virtrous ones migrating
Passed out from this sandy desert”.
“Living on this wasteland d
they had spent some days here;
Ah but never again came in
Any messenger from their strand
They ‘are faded like blown sand
Ah with whom I passed incarnations.”
“Thinking them as aliens
the trees that you cut and threw away.
O how those dry one know may
If rains had fallen on Malir”.
A cameleer has come in from there
With message from Him, true and certain;
That “forget you not me O girl
And die not in prisoner’s pain
Soon you shall be free again
Only some days are you in slavery.”
“Thy friends do thou remember
thy Truth they love and cherish;
Send, “sans Him not , never flourish
Godl here deem but dreoss only”
As oysters of sea are hopeful
In gracious rains from sky
Or the cranes look to hills
And crave there ever to fly;
So I am plighted there to return
Ah but here I come to this by;
Yet how in prison cell sit I,
Were not my eyes so folded!
Learn o friends from oysters!
The law of longing and love;
They beg a drop from above
Pin not hope in water s around.
Ah, without the land of my fathers
What days here I passed away;
My kindred will bring before me
At my door those shall lay;
O entering mine huts, I may
Wash clean this dirt of palaces!
Yet what blessing were the days
I passed away in that prison;
Standing up in its tower
I ‘ld rain and rain, the tears on;
As look I shall to my homeland
So’ll be cut and cut and cut on;
O my tears burnished my iron
My longing brightened my bonds

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